We invited some of our fiend out to try Marco Polo Paintball. Jake (@jakefromstatefarm01235) from Team Insanity Paintball (@teaminsanitypb) was a guest shooter along with Tony. While on the receiving end were the other Team Insanity members, representatives from the (not so) Average Joes (https://www.facebook.com/Averagejoespb), and some of our amazing staff.

The way Marco Polo Paintball works, we had 2 shooters that were blind folded. The shooters are not allowed to move from their shooting position. At the far end of the field, a brave collection of willing targets. The shooters shout out Marco and the targets answer Polo. One shot and you are out. Up for grabs, bragging rights and the last man standing gets to be the shooter next time.

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Basically search teaminsanitypb or Team Insanity Paintball and you can find them.

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