Founded in 2017, The Jerky Den only carries the highest quality and freshest beef jerky available in their retail store. The creation of The Jerky Den came about after a prominent local jerky store had went out of business due to reasons beyond their control. Their founder who is an avid jerky lover and entrepreneur at heart wasn’t satisfied with snacking on your big box, mass produced jerky so he began scouring the country for the best jerky he could find. His search eventually led him to a small farm in Ohio where a group of guys and gals were still doing things the old fashioned way on their family farm. It was love at first bite and he knew this was exactly the product the people of the Metro Detroit Area needed to fill the void in the jerky market.

Mark Hicks is a photographer and video producer for a elite group of corporate clients. Mark has filmed and produced most of our YouTube content since March of 2015, as well as manages the channel. When you leave a YouTube comment, it is Mark who answered you.

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